Our Commitment to the LGBTQ Community

Elder Achievers is acutely aware of the near epidemic “Back to the Closet” crisis confronting LGBTQ Seniors. In response, we are highly motivated and proud to provide exceptional quality care with fastidious fairness, sensitivity, honour and respect. To design a better care milieu, we have developed a specific cross cultural knowledge and sensitivity training for our caregivers in consultation with Sam Goldfarb PhD (recognizable as one of the interviewees in the recent excellent advocacy film, Gen Silent.) and with the LGBT Aging Project. We affirmatively welcome LGBTQ employment candidates. We are resolute that discrimination, at least by caregivers, is preventable. Our intent is to contribute to alleviating appalling circumstances that influence a large number of people.


  • Despite civil rights gains of recent years, discrimination remains a problem in our society. As a result, many LGBTQ Seniors are hesitant to access needed care out of fear of biased treatment.
  • According to SAGE, one study showed LGBTQ Seniors to be up to five times less likely to access needed care because of fear of discrimination. This has profound negative impact on the health of LGBTQ seniors because it leads to more complex and advanced illness states.
  • LGBTQ Seniors are twice as likely to live alone than heterosexual elders, and four times as likely to have no children (Therefore lacking some common informal support systems.)
  • The negative impact of prejudice is especially manifest when LGBTQ Seniors are very vulnerable- when in need of in home, assisted living, or skilled nursing care. Consequently, many LGBTQ Seniors who have lived a stable balanced life after working hard to come “out of the closet”, have an inclination to go back “into the closet”. Imagine going to a nursing home worried that the bullies are waiting there for you? And having to pretend you are not yourself in order to avoid trouble?
  • There is hope for the future because of changing attitudes among the younger set. However, it is ironic that LGBTQ Seniors are most likely to experience discrimination right now from their own peer generation.


According to the recent Public Religion Research Institute Survey Report, A Generation At Odds (2011):