We’ll do Whatever it Takes

ELDER ACHIEVERS talented staff is fully vetted. They are cleared through CORI and other state registries. They’re fully bonded and insured, and are required to have a Mass Driver’s License. Their driving record is checked, as are previous job references. They are selected for their maturity and the range of their life experience and education. We work with you to make the appropriate match according to your needs, personality, and disposition.

ELDER ACHIEVERS staff runs the range of skills and experience: from certified Home Health Aides/CNAs., to other capable seniors, to young professionals. It depends on what you need and like. Would you like to go to the museum weekly with a companion knowledgeable of art history? We can do that. Do you need transportation with someone to accompany you to a medical appointment? We can do that. Maybe you have a plan for building a garden and need an assistant, or even need help choosing a landscaper? ELDER ACHIEVERS can do that as well!!

We’ll do whatever it takes to help you remain independent and stay in your home unless you and your family decide it’s time to move to the next step.