Evaluation Process

ELDER ACHIEVERS services are customized to your needs. Upon initial request for consultation, we will contact you and ask that you fill out a questionnaire designed to determine what services are appropriate, and the level you may need them at. We may ask to meet with you and your family prior to a home visit.  We will then set up a home visit with you and your family to see how you function in the home environment, and to ascertain the task requirements for a assigned associate.  For example, if an associate is going to be assigned 24/7, there needs to be a place for them to sleep; and this type of coverage will require more than one associate on the care team.

ELDER ACHIEVERS will also check the environment for hazards and we may recommend modifications to maximize safety, fall prevention, ease of use, and your convenience. The person assigned to do the evaluation may vary depending upon what you described on the initial questionnaire. In some cases it may be a manager, but it could be a social worker, nurse, adaptive equipment specialist, or other professional as appropriate.